The data center has become the backbone of digital business. Green data centers can not only bring efficiency to digital business, but also better reliability, and higher uptime, which translates into potential cost savings for businesses and enterprises.

Bringing Efficiency to Digital Business

A digital strategy involves analyzing your current business model and identifying inefficiencies. It requires you to think about how you can use technology to solve these problems, better manage your team, communicate with customers, and provide a better customer experience.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

A green data center design starts with energy-efficient servers. A green data center relies on servers that use less power, which means lower energy costs throughout the year. In addition, the use of more efficient power supplies helps keep the total cost of ownership down while reducing harmful emissions.

Green data centers also tend to feature more efficient cooling systems, which can reduce overall power consumption. These systems use less energy than traditional air conditioning, which requires more power and creates more waste heat—the primary cause of wasted energy in traditional data centers—which must be removed from the facility for cooling purposes.

Green data centers take a holistic approach to reducing energy waste within the facility by focusing on numerous areas, including:

  • Utilizing renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar power.
  • Choosing a location that minimizes the distance between power plants and the data center.
  • Incorporating highly efficient systems into the facility’s infrastructure, such as servers that use less power or cooling systems that use water instead of air conditioning to regulate temperature.

Green data center is a great way for digital business to implement ESG strategy as climate change issue rises.

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Renewable Energy Become Cheaper Than We Think

When you think of renewable energy, you probably imagine wind turbines in the middle of nowhere or solar panels on your neighbor’s roof. But there are other sources of renewable energy that are simpler and easier to use—and they’re coming on strong in today’s marketplace.

The reality is that today’s digital businesses need access to affordable, reliable power sources that don’t emit carbon dioxide (CO2) or other harmful pollutants into the environment. And now there are more ways than ever before for companies to get this power from clean sources like wind and solar at competitive prices.

The renewable energy industry is booming, with companies across the globe investing billions of dollars into the research, development, and production of clean energy sources. These companies are well aware that the demand for renewable energy is growing at an exponential rate, and they aim to be at the forefront of this growing trend.

Better Reliability

In today’s world, efficiency is key to success. An efficient data center infrastructure is essential for businesses that demand strong reliability and availability from their data center providers.

Another way a green data center can be beneficial for your company is by improving its reliability. Some traditional data centers operate on a single cable system, but a green data center may have redundant elements in place to ensure that if one component fails, there are backup systems in place to keep everything running smoothly.

This can help prevent the possibility of downtime or service outages which could cost you customers and revenue.

Better Scalability

With the principle of high efficiency, green data centers usually provide virtualization facilities, which means that they can follow the needs according to the development of the tenants. Digital businesses have ups and downs, but with existing scalability, they can avoid burdens that are higher than requirements.

Choosing a Green Data Center

Choosing a green data center is essential to address critical global environmental issues like global warming, which causes climate change and other natural disasters. For companies operating in a data center, protecting the environment should be one of their top priorities. Some measures must be taken to ensure that these companies are not creating more harm than good to the environment.

Choosing the right data center for your business is a difficult task that can be made more complicated by the fact that many of them are green, but not all of them are equal. To figure out which data center is right for you and your business, it’s important to know exactly what you need and where you can get it.

In order to choose a green data center, there are several things that you need to consider first such as:

  • Location and proximity to your users. This can lower network latency and ensure your application can be accessed smoothly.
  • Energy efficiency. Most data centers waste their energy. A green data center has power usage effectiveness (PUE) below 1.5.
  • Energy sources. Although there is no 100% data center powered by renewable energy yet, you may choose a green data center that not using fossil fuels.
  • ISO standards. Look for their certification.
  • Environmental responsibility. The lower the carbon footprint they produce, the lower the environmental impact they produce.

Ensuring those factors can secure your business in the long term. The more transparent a data center is, the more people will feel comfortable using it, and fewer questions and complaints will be lodged against it.

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Efficiency is something that all businesses strive for in their quest to be the best. But when it comes to data centers, an environmentally-conscious company like Google goes a step further:

“they want their data centers to strive for environmental friendliness as well. The search engine giant is committed to reducing its energy consumption, and they’re working on ways to make the data centers that power the Internet more efficient.”

By reducing the carbon footprint of the computing industry, businesses can gain a competitive edge over other companies. This is especially important for industries that have products or services that rely heavily on an image of being ‘green’ such as utilities or retailing.

If you’re a business owner with a digital focus, it’s important to understand how your data center can influence your bottom line. A data center that is energy efficient is not only good for the planet, but it can help you reduce costs and improve productivity in the long run.

The concept of “going green” is becoming more and more common, in all areas of business. The data center is no exception.

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